Terms & Conditions


  • Our Office Hours are Mondays to Saturday; 9am to 7.30pm.
  • The Company reserves the rights to recover charges/fees for deliveries made to you.
  • The Company reserves a right to amend our product packaging without prior notice. All images are for illustration purposes only.
  • The Company shall not bear any responsibility for food that are consumed after the recommended time as reflected on the labels.  Due to uncertain availability of seasonal perishable goods, vegetables, and raw materials, we reserve the right to change the menu without notice as our supplies are delivered fresh to us daily.
  • The Company may amend the terms and conditions at any time, including without limitation by posting revised terms on its website at the URL, which amended terms and conditions shall be binding upon.
  • By submitting your order, you would’ve acknowledged & agreed that we can collect, use, and disclose your personal data, as provided. The Company will also collect and use your personal data to provide you with information on our services. Should you decide not to continue, please kindly email to us at enquiry@souldelicacies.com.sg
  • By taking up our Meal Packages, you have agreed to our terms and conditions as per stipulated.


  • We accept payments through PayNow, Credit & Debit Cards only.
  • Prevailing GST is chargeable for administration fees.
  • Pre-payment in advance of 3 working days prior starting date is required. Payment must be paid up in full. We reserve the right to terminate service if payment is not paid up on time.
  • An administrative fee of $25.00 ($26.75 w/ GST) per amendment will be imposed by the Company for any amendments (excluding meal postponement) made by the Customer after orders have been confirmed. Eg: Change of address upon package confirmation.
  • Screenshot your Payment details if payments are made via PayNow/Paylah to our UEN, please forward the payment image to our WhatsApp hotline 8853 5087 or email to: enquiry@souldelicacies.com.sg upon completion.
  • Once payment has been made, there shall be no refund should you decide to terminate or early terminate the service.
  • All packages will be auto renewed to the next cycle unless informed 3 working days in advance, via hotline number 8853 5087 or email to: enquiry@souldelicacies.com.sg
  • If you wish to discontinue your subscription, please informed our customer service 3 days in advance before the end of the subscription date, via our hotline number 8853 5087 or email: enquiry@souldelicacies.com.sg. Otherwise, it will be activated as auto-renewal even if payment is not received.
  • A surcharge of $7 ($7.49 w/ GST) will be levied for the replacement of dirty Tiffin carriers.
  • Our Tiffin carrier is meant for the convenience of carrying the food, and saving the earth, and not recommended for heating, reheating in microwave ovens, or cooking over stoves.
  • A penalty of $25 (W/GST @ $26.65) will be charged for lost or damage to our Tiffin carriers on a per piece basis.
  • A security deposit of $50.00 (W/GST @ $53.50) will be collected upon each tiffin carrier ordered based on the cycle. The amount will be brought forward for renewal packages.
  • All prices quoted by The Company are subjected to prevailing government taxes.


  • Delivery hours: Lunch (10:30 am to 1:30 pm), Dinner (3:30 pm to 6:30 pm).
  • Subjected to poor weather conditions, or unforeseen poor traffic conditions, the stipulated delivery timing stated may/will be affected, The Company will not be liable for any form of compensation and we will always aim to deliver your meals on time.We deliver our meals 5 days a week excluding Weekends & Public Holidays.
  • Request for a specific delivery time will not be allowed and will not be accommodated.
  • Please ensure you are available at your residences/office to receive your meals to avoid any food wastage or exposure to any poor external surroundings, e.g., pests and birds. (Save Food Cut Waste, Reduce Food Waste in Singapore. We all play a part)
  • No refund will be given for failed deliveries. For re-delivery, there will be a $15 surcharge ($16.05 w/ GST)
  • For Condominium deliveries, per unit delivery will be charged at $25 ($26.75 w/ GST). A smooth and quick delivery to your unit is needed. If our drivers are unable to reach your unit, due to security or any other valid reasons, we will reach out to you via phone calls, if we are unable to reach you after 3 call attempts, we will move on with other deliveries and your orders will be forfeited without refunds.
  • For Orchard/CBD area deliveries, per unit delivery will be charged at$25($26.75 w/ GST). A smooth and quick delivery to your unit is needed. If our drivers are unable to reach you via phone calls after 3call attempts, we will move on with other deliveries and your orders will be forfeited without refunds.

Meal Cancellations, Postpone & Replacement

  • Upon order confirmation, there shall be no cancellation, postponement or amendments allowed. Case to case basis applies.
  • For any skipping/cancellation/postponement of meals, please notify our Sales Personnel 3 working days in advance via email or
  • WhatsApp. Please be inform that this has to be acknowledged by sales personal for a successful cancellation, postponement or amendments. In the event where notice period is insufficiently given, the delivery will proceed as usual, and meals will be charged as per the contract terms.
  • Our package is based on 5days trial, 10 days & 20 days. Trial periodis not allowed to skip meals.No refund in cash will be made for any skipped meal(s). Meal(s) will be replaced after the termination date instead.

Other Information

  • Please note that our menu may contain chilli, nuts and seafood (Prawns & Squid). We only accept non-spicy / no seafood (Prawn & Squid), and no nuts.
  • We cater 3 dishes with 1 soup or 4 dishes on our menu only; Food is served in Microwaveable containers or Tiffin carriers only.
  • For orders in microwavable containers, warming up is advisable before consumption.