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We offer flexible meal plans that can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you need meals for just a few days or the entire week, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

From meal plans to delivery and billing, we’ve got you covered. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our customer service team is always happy to assist you.

Soul Delicacies offers Tingkat meal subscriptions with different durations to suit your needs. The pricing structure is as follows:
  1. 5-Day Trial: This option allows you to try out the Tingkat meal subscription for a short period of time.
  2. 10-Day Subscription: The 10-day meal subscription provides you with Tingkat meals for a period of 10 consecutive weekdays (excluding PH).
  3. 20-Day Subscription: The 20-day meal subscription offers an extended period of Tingkat meals for 20 consecutive weekdays (excluding PH).
Soul Delicacies accepts various forms of payment, including:
  1. Credit Card Payments
  2. PayNow
  3. Bank Transfer
The Tingkat meals from Soul Delicacies are typically delivered on weekdays for both lunch and dinner, excluding public holidays. This ensures that you have convenient and delicious meals throughout the workweek. In terms of delivery options, Soul Delicacies provides island-wide delivery service in Singapore. Please note that there are certain exclusions, such as external islands like Sentosa and Jurong Island, where delivery may not be available. Additionally, it's important to be aware that there may be surcharges for deliveries to condominiums. The specific pricing details for the surcharges will be provided during the checkout process on their website. It's recommended to review the charges and terms before finalizing your order.
Please contact us before placing your order for any special customization requests that are not listed on the order form.
Soul Delicacies offers a diverse range of cuisines in their tingkat meal subscription, with a specialization in Asian and Chinese food. We aim to provide a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes to keep the meals interesting. While Asian and Chinese cuisines form the foundation, we also incorporate Western dishes occasionally to offer a broader variety.
Soul Delicacies ensures that the menu is thoughtfully curated, incorporating a mix of familiar favourites and exciting new flavours to keep the Tingkat meal subscription enticing and enjoyable for their customers.
Soul Delicacies is a tingkat meal subscription service in Singapore that offers delicious and convenient meals delivered right to your doorstep. Tingkat refers to a traditional tiffin carrier used to transport food. With Soul Delicacies, you can enjoy home-cooked meals without the hassle of cooking or meal planning. The tingkat meal subscription works by allowing you to choose a meal plan that suits your needs, whether it's for individuals, couples, or families. Each tingkat meal plan typically includes a set number of meals per week, usually for lunch and dinner. Once you've subscribed to Soul Delicacies, the meals will be freshly prepared by their experienced chefs using high-quality ingredients. The meals are then packed in specially designed tingkat carriers to ensure that they remain warm and retain their freshness during delivery. On the designated delivery days, Soul Delicacies will deliver the tingkat meals directly to your doorstep. All you need to do is heat up the food and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal without any cooking or cleaning up afterwards.
The tingkat meal subscription offers convenience, variety, and the taste of home-cooked meals, making it an excellent option for busy individuals and families who want to enjoy quality meals without the time and effort of cooking from scratch.